bookmark_borderHowto disable Azure AD Sync after migration

It comes the day when you finally migrated all your users and mailboxes from onprem to the cloud. This article show the steps needed to disable Azure AD sync from your local domain to Azure AD.

The first step will be to uninstall the Azure AD Sync tool. Uninstall the tool from the server/machine its running on.

In the next step we need to connect to Azure AD via Powershell. This does not work with Linux, that’s why we need a Windows machine. Open Powershell as admin and type the following to install the required cmdlets:

Install-Module -Name MSonline

If you are prompted chose “Y” for yes to install the module.

In the next step we are connecting to Azure AD:


Type in your credentials when the prompt opens and hit Enter.

Now we are going to check whether Azure AD Sync is enabled:


If you receive “True” as answer, Azure AD sync is enabled. If you receive “False” it’s disabled. In the case of “False” you don’t need to do anything further!

Now we are going to disable the synchronization:

Set-MsolDirSyncEnabled -EnableDirSync $false

If we now check the Azure AD Sync status it should show “False”: