bookmark_borderServer 2012r2 / Windows 8.1 KB5022352 error 80070570

Microsoft released the January 2022 patches and for Server 2012r2 and Windows 8.1 patch KB5022352 seems to result in errors while downloading/installing this patch.

You will most likely notice this, when your Update only gets downloaded until 95% and even after waiting multiple hours nothing changes. If you stopped and restarted the download, it will directly move up to 95% and stay there.

After rebooting the affected machine you will most likely be greeted by the errorcode 80070570.

Many older posts on technet and other sources for general errors with windows update recommend deleting/renaming the windows update catalog folder. In this situation the solution is much more easy:

We tested the above procedure with multiple machines and it seems to solve the errorcode 80070570. Please let me know if that solved the problem for you as well.